Sunday 5 August 2012

China Merchants Bank Professional Edition with Virtual Box

This article describes how to use China Merchants Bank Professional Edition on Ubuntu and VirtualBox.

1.Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit desktop edition
2.Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1.18
3.Windows XP is installed in VirtualBox

Because China Merchants Bank Internet Banking's Professional Edition doesn't support Linux for now. For our Linux users, we have two choices, wine it or using it in VM environment. Wine is not stable, running games on Wine is a good idea, but Internet Banking is not good. I choose VM solution.

Here is my steps:
1.Install the newest version of VirtualBox Download it from official site--
You will see the AMD64 edition for Ubuntu12.04, download it and install it with double-click, very easy.
2.It's easy to install Windows in VirtualBox, I don't describe it here.
3.For supporting USB 2.0, you should install Extension Pack first. Download it from official site, right click it, select VirtualBox to open it. VirtualBox will install it for you.
4.Insert your USB key retrieved from China Merchants Bank now. Launch the VirtualBox and open the settings dialog. Choose USB menu, you will see the configuration for USB. Enable USB and USB2.0 controller. Now, add a USB device filter like so:

Note, you should insert USB key before launching windows in VM every time.

5.Launch your windows in VirtualBox now, enjoy it. Don't forget to install professional edition for China Merchants Bank.

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