Saturday 11 August 2012

Setup Ubuntu Cloud in VirtualBox:1.Create VirtualBox server

I new project is to setup a cloud environment for all projects in my company. After attending OpenStack APAC conference in Beijing, I heard of Canonical provide good solution for setting up public/private cloud. This solution is MAAS(Metal as a service).
I will try it in my VirtualBox which was installed in my Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop.

We can find some good wizard documents from official site:

Here also is a good document that introduces how to set up MAAS in virutabox:

Ok, let me try to install my first MAAS server.
Open VirtualBox, and create a new VM named as mass for Ubuntu 64bit server.

Use the default memory size, I don't know what size is best, but I can change it after installation.
Create a new disk for this server

Use VDI as file type

Storage can be allocated dynamically

After clicking some next buttons, I create the server successfully.

Now, I will install MAAS server.

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Larry said...

The best beginner's guide I could find, thank you !