Monday 13 August 2012

Setup Ubuntu Cloud in VirtualBox:3.Add node server

In the previous article, I installed maas server as master successfully, but there is no node server in it. This time I will install three node server. They are still Ubuntu 64bit server.

The dashboard of maas server shows a warning message:
Some of the required system profiles are missing. Run the maas-import-isos script to import Ubuntu isos and create the related profiles:
sudo maas-import-isos

Run the above command, it will download some files from ubuntu servers.
reboot maas server when this command completed. The warning message disappeared.

Fixing this problem is required, otherwise you can't add node server successfully.

First, create a VM for Ubuntu server as usual. I will call it as node1.
Then choose "Multiple server install with MAAS" in the startup menu.
Set the hostname to node1.
Now join the maas server as the MAAS:
You will see the installation SIGKILLs all processes again, but this time no error occured. Refresh the dashboard page, this node has been added into maas. See diagram below:

Now, I continue adding second node server into maas. But this time I didn't see the first option:
"maas MAAS Server -(10.112.x.175:80)"
I choosed "Specify MAAS by name or address" option and entered IP address:10.112.x.175.
The second node was added successfully.

Repeated it again, the third node was added.

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Bible Apologetics said...

Hi, Thanks for the post, but after this step, how would you boot the nodes? It says I need to boot with AvahiBoot, but I am not sure how I do that.