Monday 13 August 2012

Setup Ubuntu Cloud in VirtualBox:2.Install MAAS server

Now, before launching Maas VM, download the Ubuntu 12.04 amd64 server image first.
Then configure it as Mass VM's storage like so:

Start this VM now. Select "Multiple server install with MAAS" in the grub menu. I set the hostname to "mass". And select "Create a new MAAS on this server". The left steps are similar to install normal ubuntu server.

At the end of installation, you will see some messages below:

Let's start mass1 server now. I tried to access it in my browser using the above URL:, but failed.

I changed the network settings of this VM.

Launch maas1 server again and retry it. Unfortunately, I still failed. Because my computer connects to Internet via dial-up program in my home, when my maas1 server launched, it can't connect to Internet using dial-up program because my computer is using it. mass1 server can't get correct IP address. I need to buy a router to set up a small network to solve this problem.

OK, after adding a new router, I configured static IP address for my maas1 server:10.112.x.175.
Open /etc/network/interface file

change "iface eth0 inet dhcp" to "iface eth0 inet static"
add three lines below:
address 10.112.*.175
gateway 10.112.*.254

you can get the gateway for your network in other computer using this command:
route -n

now restart the networking service:
/etc/init.d/networking restart

Execute the following command to reconfigure maas server:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure maas
enter 10.112.x.175 in Package configuration text area.

Now I can access the admin page in my browser:

Following the suggestion of this page, I create an admin user for MAAS.
sudo maas createsuperuser
enter user name: cs
enter email address:
enter password twice.
I can log into the web site now. And see 0 node in MAAS.

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